Direct Deposit

If your employer participates, or if you are the recipient of a regular government of pensions checks, you can have your money directly deposited into your IUAWFCU account. This free service enables you to get your funds more quickly. No checks are printed and mailed, making your Direct Deposit safer and more secure.


Payroll Deduction

With Payroll Deduction, you authorize your employer to send any portion of your paycheck directly to your credit union accounts everyday. A convenient way to save or to pay back loans automatically.



As a member of International UAW Federal Credit Union, you have 24-hour access to your account(s) to get balances, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments and other options.

The Unity-Line’s user-friendly interface will prompt you to enter your base account number and pre-assigned pass number (the last four digits of the main member’s social security number). All members are advised to change their pass number on the initial call to the Unity-Line to a four-digit number unique to them.

You can call the Unity-Line anytime at 1-800-983-9591. There is no cost to you for this convenient service!

If you find you need assistance in using the Unity-Line for the first time, please contact a credit union representative.


GAP Insurance


International UAW Federal Credit Union GAP Program



GAP Waiver provides supplemental protection to a borrower’s primary insurance when a financed or leased vehicle is deemed a total loss.

  *Covers remaining loan/lease balance in the event of total loss or unrecovered theft

  *Covers borrower’s deductible on total loss claim up to $1,000


GAP Waiver benefits the dealer, lender and customer in many ways.

Dealer Benefits

   *Generates fee revenue for the dealer by allowing markup from the lender

   *Enables a positive customer experience by offering superior coverage options

   *Prevents negative interaction with customers due to negative equity situations

   *Prevents complaints from unsatisfied customers after poor claims experience

Lender Benefits

   *GAP claims paid quickly within 10 days without any hassles

   *Serviced by Golden Eagle Insurance, a local agency based in Ohio

   *Great American, a global ‘A’ rated provider based in Cincinnati, OH, insures claims are paid

   *Prevents negative interaction with borrowers due to deficiency loan balances

Customer Benefits

   *Saves money by covering insurance deductible in total loss situations

   *Reduces risk of negative equity

   *Strengthens relationship with a dealer they can trust

   *Guaranteed a positive, quick and fair claims experience



TruStage™ Auto, Home, Life & Accidental Death Insurance Program

You trust your credit union to offer products and services to help you do more with what you have. That’s why we’ve joined with a dedicated team of insurance professionals to bring you the TruStage Insurance Program.

Working with carefully selected insurance partners, these programs will provide discounted rates for credit union members, online services, and 24/7 claims service.

If you haven’t compared auto or home insurance rates lately, it will be a great time to take a look. Your credit union membership could result in some nice savings.