IUAW Federal Credit Union offers auto loan rates which are extremely competitive. When it’s time to finance a new car, truck or van, come to us first! We offer the advantage of pre-approvals on auto loans, which means you can negotiate you best deal with confidence!

We have a variety of rates and term options available to our members. Loan repayment is convenient with Payroll Deduction!

Vehicle Rate Matching is available!  Let us beat your existing rate with another institution!  Our goal is for every credit union member to have a vehicle loan with us.


Home Equity

A Home Equity Loan from IUAW Federal Credit Union is the ideal way to finance any major expense. Interest payments may be tax-deductible: see your tax advisor to find out if you qualify.

Your credit union offers two home equity options: Closed-end and Line-of-Credit. Features of both types:

  • Costs are absorbed by the credit union
  • Finance up to 80% of appraised value
  • Loans from $7,500 up to $100,000

Our Closed-end loan lets you take out a lump-sum disbursement, perfect for large expenses. Our Line-of-Credit gives you convenient access to your home’s equity whenever you need it.



Activation & Lost Stolen – (800) 543-5073

After Hours Lost Stolen – (866) 604-0381

Card Security – 

Customer Service – (800) 299-9842

Online Account

There’s no need to carry any other credit cards when you’ve got a low interest IUAW Federal Credit Union VISA. Our VISA offers the following advantages:

  • A competitively low rate of interest
  • No annual fee
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Full 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Fee-free Travel Accident Insurance for up to $250,000

An IUAW Federal Credit Union VISA is an affordable credit option for our members. Apply for yours today!

Members who have our VISA credit cards now have access to them over the internet via Information available includes real time balances, credit limit, credit limit available, last payment date, next payment due date with minimum payment due, and history. Cardholders can sign up for electronic statements through this site. Electronic statement users receive an email notice when statements are available. Payments can be made to credit cards through this site — from Credit Union accounts or from accounts at other financial institutions.

Click here to download an official VISA Application/Agreement.

Signature & Other

You’ll always get low rates, superior service and great terms when you rely on IUAW Federal Credit Union for al your borrowing needs. Your credit union lends money for just about any purpose:

Boat Loans
Your credit union offers competitive rates on titled boats. IUAW Federal Credit Union offers financing on both new and used boats. Let us help you put your dream boat in the water!

Recreational Vehicle Loans
IUAW Federal Credit Union has competitive rates and terms on all types of new and used recreational vehicles.

Signature Loans
Your credit union offers low rates on Signature Loans for just about any purpose, vacations, back-to-school expenses, holiday gift-giving for example.  Loan terms are available up to 48 months.  The amount available for signature loans is based on the applicant’s credit score.



Share or Certificate Pledge loans are available.  The credit union will hold funds on deposit for the loan amount requested.  As the loan is paid down, the funds on hold are released.  Pledge loan rates are 3.50% above the rate paid on the pledged or held funds.


Through our partnership with MMS Mortgage Services Ltd., we are able to provide our members the best mortgage products that are available in today’s market! MMS subscribes to the Credit Union philosophy, in the fact that they put what is best for the member first!

From first-time home buyers to refinancing an existing mortgage, our members know they’re getting a loan they can trust from a team of experienced professionals. Call 800-945-4506 to learn about the wide variety of mortgage options that could be available to you. Or, get the process started TODAY online at

NMLS#: 1066878

LendKey (Student Loans)

LendKey is a new digital, cloud-based lending platform focused on Education Loan Origination.

In-School Student Loans:

International UAW Federal Credit Union (IUAWFCU) understands it’s not easy to get through school without financial assistance.  A private student loan from IUAWFCU can help pay for your educational  expenses that weren’t covered by your financial aid package.

It’s easy and free to apply!


Student Loan Refinancing:

IUAWFCU can help you take control of your student loan debt.  Refinancing your federal and private student loans can help reduce your monthly payments or even help pay off your loans faster.

We’ve partnered with LendKey to make repaying your student loan debt easier!  Plus, enjoy these great benefits.

  •   No application or origination fees
  •   Make one loan payment, instead of several
  •   Choose the option that best fits your situation
  •   Discount for making automatic (ACH) payments
  •   Co-signer release after 12 months of on-time, interest and principal payments, when requested and approved